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Mission Statement

Last Revision 1/22/10

Our mission is scientific research focusing on development of preventative and therapeutic treatments for both infectious (malaria, hepatitis B and C, and influenza) and non-infectious diseases (cancer and cardiovascular disease).

These studies involve the development of new cancer therapeutics as well as prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. The goal is to bring to fruition treatments for diseases which have plagued millions of people worldwide and to share these results with the scientific community and the public.

To accomplish these goals the VRISD has recruited and will continue to recruit researchers with expertise in Molecular Biology, Pharmacogenomics, Peptide Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Oncology and Immunology. These areas of expertise will allow us to gain an understanding of the host-pathogen and host-tumor interactions as they relate to effective therapeutic design. VRISD scientists are working together for the purpose of eradicating diseases that have eluded researchers and physicians in the past, with the ultimate goal of providing better health for all people worldwide.